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Sci-Fi Techno-Metal
In January 2009 the Ghosts of Orion project was created and a new style of music was born: Sci-Fi Techno-Metal. It's summed up best in Tony's liner notes:

In 1977 I was at the very impressionable age of 7 when my father took me to see Star Wars at the movie theatre. Two years later Ridley Scott released Alien. I was blown away and would forever be fascinated with space science fiction. In the coming years books by Herbert, Burroughs, and Roddenberry would feed my young mind...

In the early 80's I was in middle school and thoroughly enjoyed New Wave music. Bands like Devo, Peter Gabriel, Wall of Voodoo, A Flock of Seagulls, Frid, Thomas Dolby, Gary Numan, and others influenced my style greatly and introduced my ears to synthesis and electronic percussion. I loved the dreamy soundscapes and the raw clarity of the sound.

In 1984 I was a freshman in high school when Metallica released "Ride the Lightning". Two years later they released the greatest metal album ever recorded, "Master of Puppets" and Slayer released "Reign in Blood". That year (1986) was a high-point in metal and was followed with two masterpieces to punctuate the decade: "Operation: Mindcrime" by Queensrÿche (1988) and "Rust In Peace" by Megadeth (1990). Then came the best metal band of all time, Pantera and the rest is history. Those were the years that infected me with the love for melodic metal, double-kick, and the hit-you-in-the-chest rhythm section.

The Fusion:
In 2007 glimpses of the three fused together started to enter my mind. By late 2008 the vision was so clear that I knew I had to write an album and share it with the world... and thus a new style was born: Sci-Fi Techno-Metal.

The Album:
I always wanted to create a new sound... (to go where no one had gone before) and to create a real concept album. (Which I think is a lost art these days.) It would have to be audiophile quality (because I love the SOUND of music) and it would have to take the listener on a journey to places unfamiliar and far away... but still be accessible. If I achieved all this with Intergalactic Highway then my dream has become manifest.

I see music visually in my mind's eye, I paint with sound. So here is a collection of sound paintings, a journey to some place alien, a journey into sci-fi techno-metal for high-fidelity audio systems.

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