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Hi, I'm Tony Pappas, a multi-instrumentalist composer producer, who lives in the High Deserts of The Land of Enchantment where the elevation is so high that the skies are clear, open, and full of bright stars.

When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut and on countless nights I would look up at that sky and wonder... "What's out there? What kind of alien places and creatures would I find if I traveled to those stars?" I think that's why I love music so much; it takes me to far away places that I've never seen before...

It all began when I saw Star Wars as a kid. That movie took me on a journey to a distant time and place that I would never forget. As I grew older, music became my vehicle to relive that experience.

It's no surprise that I would eventually create progressive music; the kind of music that goes past the envelope, all the way into the future... yet still be accessible to the common Earthling of today. This is the kind of music I wrote for my new album: INTERGALACTIC HIGHWAY.

My need to push the envelope has led me to the creation of a new style. I call it: SCI-FI TECHNO-METAL. This style unfolds like a futuristic, space age, science fiction novel that's cerebral yet very emotional and it takes my soul on a spiritual roller coaster ride every time I hear it. It's like traveling through the Universe on an INTERGALACTIC HIGHWAY to places I've never been before...

In 2008 I formed the Ghosts of Orion so that I may share this special kind of music with the world. It took about nine months to write and between January 2009 and October 2011 I composed, recorded, sequenced, mixed, and mastered the album here at Prosonic Studios.

I use contrasting imagery along with a multitude of textures to create a unique, emotional soundscape that takes listeners to the very edge of their imagination. Right from the beginning powerful images emerge as the explosive FASTER THAN LIGHT seamlessly fades into the ethereal BENEVOLENT HOST, giving listeners a "taste" of the emotional rollercoaster ride to come...

At the heart of this thrilling rollercoaster is one of the most unique songs I've ever heard. Based on the first American Spacewalk by Ed White almost a half century ago, the appropriately named SPACEWALK, includes actual radio communications that I obtained directly from NASA. Mid-way through, the song breaks into a fast double-kick part in the drums that expresses not only the danger that's out there, but also the velocity at which these guys orbit the planet... reaching speeds in excess of 17,000 mph!

WAR MACHINE, the next track on the album, is brought to life by a wide array of textures and the creative manipulation of ordinary sounds. The engine is literally an electric drill mixed with a high voltage power supply; the arms and legs are a variety of recorded hydraulic servos and lifts; and the feet hitting the ground are actual hand grenades exploding! In the beginning the machine walks into battle and is accompanied by a dark, brooding rhythm section with haunting, mysterious voices floating around it in the stereo image.

I could fill pages and pages with information but the music will speak for itself. Creating this album has been an incredible experience and I'm very excited to share it with the world. Here's my personal invitation to you: Come and join me on my ship across the INTERGALACTIC HIGHWAY for a journey to some place new; a journey to some place alien; a journey into Sci-Fi Techno-Metal for high-fidelity audio systems. Thank you for reading. I wish you the very best and my greatest hope is that you enjoy listening to the music at least as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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